'Myth Busting Q&A: Can you put hot foods in the fridge?'

'Myth Busting Q&A: Can you put hot foods in the fridge?'
02:15 Jul 21, 2021
'This is one if those questions I get ALL the time! It\'s a common old wives tale that you can\'t place hot foods in the fridge or they\'ll go bad, but is it true?! Today, we\'re doing some cooking myth busting and also telling you that your grandma may not have been totally off base when she told you not to put your leftovers in the fridge right away.   Do you have any cooking myth questions you\'d like to ask? Leave it in the comments below!  Visit http://www.brownble.com for more cooking and wellness videos, delicious content and video recipes, to check out our blog, sign up for our newsletter and to learn more about our exclusive membership program My Brownble and online vegan cooking classes!' 

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